Google pixel is the ultimate student phone? we object

If you want to be competitive as a student, you will need a good smartphone. We're going to split up five simple points why Google Pixel is the best

In the SLN, we were indisputing about what the best smartphone in the market was. Most of us choose the last iPhone when the old contracts expired while some of us (mostly coders) came out with the latest Android product. We have even one Blackberry, who won't say who it is

Until one day, someone entered the system with the new Google Pixel, and the discussions were over. We unanimously agreed that it was, hands down, the best phone on the market (except for Blackberry, but we recorded them a long time ago)

That's why we love him so much

We are, like all of us

Compare the photos between the iPhone 7 and Samsung's S8-Pixel friends every time

It's not that the camera itself is something extra, giant, clumsily, or inflaming (* iPhone 7), this Google software fixes everything for you

The HDR mode + default HDR mode is programmed to "machine learning" Google, and it is very unindignant. The autofocus subroutine creates an ideal contrast in each photo. It creates the most acute colors of any camera on the smartphone and has an incredible dynamic range

(Yes, we did take them on Pixel)

Don't do that. Learn how Pixel has been reached

Because Pixel's display is the highest density of any smartphone, all photos display better on the screen

This is the camera you want to use if you update the LinkedIn profile or you get an epic time on the way

You will get this view in a few minutes, navigating by pixels. All the time is smooth

We use Google's software for everything. Docs, Sheets, Chrome, you name it-and we are literally

You'll never get tired of "living background." We also very much like the possibility of a long faucet. Just keep it on YouTube, for example, and you can go straight to 'Trending'. You will also receive true multitasking. You can keep a button at home watching YouTube, and it will break the screen and allow you to use any other application. Thus, you can write text without stopping the video (finally)

Your junkie tech is likely to quote a chapter and a hundred on Pixel hardware compared to the other guy

The point is that it is as fast as any other smartphone in the market right now, and in general, we found that all the applications were smooth and never in the bowl

We knew we were in a good company when we found this

All the aluminum hds of the Pixel body feel durable, and we can confirm after several informal tests (do not try to do this at home) that it is one solid phone

Is it a work worthy of museums over the years? It's subjective. It is important that it function well. It's simple and practical

The buttons are super-tactile and adaptable, and because there are no cameras mentioned above, this phone will not ride on its side when you put it on your back

The body is slightly thicker than most modern smartphones, but with its sharp, bevelled edge, the phone is really better suited and can support a large battery. Speaking of which

With brightness up to 100%, we got more than 4 hours of continuous use (and we mean) to use the phone before he died

In case of inactivity, we can easily get 24 +-hour work phone

Google Assistant makes sure that you are at this time, indicating when buses, trains, and public transport should be located. She even shows you're dealing in local areas. He will find out how you ask questions, and shows the articles that you might be interested in, based on your search using Google Cards. In addition, Google Music does the same thing, and the proposal mechanism is epic

I'll never be late for class. Never miss a good deal. Never care how you put together a great musical combination

This will save you two very precious students. Time and stress

The competition is closed now.

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Chris D' Alessandro

Chris D' Alessandro is a writer and strategy of content living in Toronto. He also has extra tattoos than he'd like to admit