Are they allowed to ask about this at the interview?

The interview questions are not valid. They exist

Of all the things you can't get (as being rude to an interview, not having enough experience or too late), your age is not one of them. Dietto, who you would like to speak to, your ethnic background and your religion

We're not just politically correct

Think about it like this: someone who fucked you Friday night affects how you do the work you hunt? I don't. It's not about your potential employer's business

To protect you from the ignorant people who actually use it to illegally discriminate against you in a public interview, the federal government has made it illegal for a potential employer to ask you about your:

Age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnic origin, religion, race, colour, family status, marital status, disability, genetic profile and conviction for an offence for which a pardon was granted or for which a decision to suspend registration was made

As a rule

Ali has interviewed hundreds of people during his career, which includes the role of HR in Bain & Company (a massive consulting company) and an intuitive (rapidly growing technological startup). I met her through my cooperation program at Waterloo University, after I was hired on my team, so I can confirm that she knows what she's doing

Employers may ask different questions in a group that are not valid. For example, you might want to ask whether you have a background or a small talk. It could be like, "Oh, you got an interesting accent, where are you from?"

"People feel like they have to overlook the question."

The interviewer should not have negative intentions, asking it to be illegal, by the way. So, even inexperienced interns who just don't know better and try to talk, are on the hook. Ignoring should not be an excuse

In some cases, the Viewer needs to know if you have a specific minimum age because it is required to be legitimate. For example, if you apply to a restaurant job, you will need at least 18 years because of certain laws that surround alcohol. The right to an issue surrounding something like your age (only for reasons related to work, only for reasons related to work) must be given first and then set only in order to know what is important to know

In very few cases, the floor may have a value for the work you have applied to. In the best example, we (

We could not provide examples of scenarios in which someone's race or sexual orientation may legitimately affect the ability of someone to do their job. In other words, this should never be raised in your interview

" When this happens, students are in bad shape. They need money, they need a job. And just as I want to tell you just to say, "I'm not comfortable with answering this question," it's complicated. People feel they should reconsider this issue, " Ali said

Ask about why you were asked a question with a light, cheerful, strange tone. Say something like, " Can you give me some context about how important this is to work? I don't quite understand how this works. "

This will give your interview an opportunity to answer their wrong question, or explain why it really matters to answer. It's a hard way to get your point of view, not a defensive point of view, and not turning in a room

After you rehearsed your retort, you won't get a twilight at this time, and you're going to kill him

If you don't miss the checklist without missing results, it's not going to be easy, especially if you didn' t expect it. Thus, you practice what you say if you are asked to do something illegal in front of a mirror or friend. After you rehearsed your retort, you won't get a twilight at this time, and you're going to kill him

In the end, Ali says, "You will feel in your stomach that something is wrong." Now you know what to do about it

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