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Over the past decade, Ontario's secondary school completion rate has increased from 56 per cent to 78 per cent. It looks good and good, on paper, but if you've been spending more time in school lately, something doesn't seem right

This may be a complete class of students who own themselves with "fidget toys", or it may be the frequency of late appointments, and the teacher is still required to provide credit

"It is clear that we need to look at making the curriculum more attractive," says Dr. Joel Weasthimer, a leading study and professor at the University of Ottawa. In fact, studies of the Canadian Education Association show that students fall from 60% to 30%, and students enrol in secondary school

However, the city of Brantford, Ontario, cannot afford the luxury of increasing the number of graduates, but remains at 66% and is one of the lowest in the province. This is why the general director of the Polytechnic University (SNP) Rebecca Jamieson looked at completely different models of education that were successful in getting more employees and more employed. Sarah E. Chicago. The Goode STEM Academy was one of them, a six-year high school, which is welcomed by the TIME magazine as "education that works."

The result looks the same as the Academy of SNP STEAM, a school 9-14, where students can obtain a high school diploma in Ontario and a college degree in five or six years, fully free education. STEAM is a growing area, and it has grown from STEM by adding Art and Design to existing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs. It is estimated that up to 70% of all future assignments in Canada will require knowledge or experience based on STEM

"It's really an engagement strategy, something that makes the students in this neighborhood succeed," said Aaron Hobbs, an officer in the SNP STEPAM Academy Programme Development Officer. OSSD will be implemented within the traditional four-year structure, but students will also receive several hours of college credit within the same term. The GVes 13 and 14 are exclusively for the loan of a technical software development specialist

"With regard to this diploma," says Hobbs, "this does not apply to any particular career path." Students will look for coding, hardware, web integration and the Internet of things, which gives them the basis for virtually any technical field. " While it may seem that students will be attached to their computers all the time, the team ensures that they provide a strong balance between learning and disconnecting from the device

The staff instructors are fully certified and can help students to interact with STEAM with more practical pedagogical help. "Our partners will be announced soon, and we look forward to working together with them to allow students to collaborate/mentor to get the students to work," said Brian Quistberg, director of SNP-STEAM

These options are still the same: students can enter the workplace directly after four years, continue with college or university. The school will receive 50 students in its first grade of 9th grade, and in the year it will grow to 75 students per year. "While the programme is open to both indigenous and non-indigenous populations, one of our priorities is helping to bridge the gap in education between the two fors of a thriving community in general," Jamison said

The SNP STEAM Academy will be launched from Brantford Campus SNP by 411 Elgin Street. Call me to check in

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